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Launching New Products & Prepping for Florida

Hello my beautiful Marshmellows 🌸

As you may know these last few weeks have been a little hectic, not only am I preparing to go away (I am officially starting my holiday right now, although we dont fly until next week) but I launched a seconds sale and now i have just Launched a new line of products!

I decided to bring some old products back, and re-vamped the colours. This little peach enamel pin was my second ever pin design, and I still love how cute he is. In the first design I didn't select his pantone swatches, so some colours came out a little brighter than I would have liked, but I decided to bring him back, this time with softer pink cheeks, and he turned out SO CUTE AMIRITE?

Next up to be re-stocked is my lil night owl enamel pin. I changed the yellow on this one to a more Vibrant moon, and re-designed the backing card to create a beautiful Night sky background scene! I love love love how this pin looks on the backing card.

Next up is the re-design of the Pastel Witch Sticker sets. Now the original sticker sets were over 2 years old, and although they were a very good seller, I wanted to update to my newest style, I couldn't help but see the flaws in the old designs, and the originals were illustrated with Copics and liner pens, these were created on procreate and look cleaner and crisper! I love love love how they turned out, specially the little skull, I would love to make him into a tiny enamel pin for halloween!

Last up was this lil cute octi guy, now he hasn't been away for too long, but had sold out in my etsy store! So he's now back! Hes so adorable - I would love a big aquatic range eventually with him alongside my baby shark pin heheheh so cute amirite?!


Now my store is all sorted, It's time to focus on prepping for florida! I have just got my nails done in a pretty light pink sparkle! Perfect for magic kingdom omgosh this is making me so so excited!

And TADA! I magically grew long hair (hehehe not really) But I decided to bring back the clip-ins. I got my hair darkened, with lowlights put through, being white blonde is so damaging for you hair, and last time I was in florida, the chlorine and sun made it even worse, so I decided (Even though I love white hair) It wasn't worth the damage, and this is the result!

I used to wear extensions for years, (I used to have naturally long hair in my teens, but went through a rebellious stage and chopped it all off, I haven't been able to grow it back since!)

So I took the plunge and purchased some more! (Clip-ins so I can rest my hair at night) Now I don't know how sensible this is, considering florida is currently at 37 degrees C heheh It maybe a little uncomfortable, but I love love love how they look and feel more like myself!

Anyway thats what I've been up-to this week! I wanted to record lots of video content for you all while I was away, but unfortunately as my Nanna passed away it threw off my weeks, so I have been more focused on my family & preparing for the funeral, I designed her some beautiful Order of Service booklets, which i'm sure she would have loved, so I'm so sorry for the lack of youtube videos going up while I'm away, although there will be one going up, all about how I pack my etsy orders WAHOO!

If you follow me on instagram you will see some of my trips in disney world! I will see you all very very soon!

Shop The New Products here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/katnippillustrations

I'll see you all very soon! Lots of love,

The Human Marshmellow


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