• Catherine Kay

Running Two Etsy Businesses? My Experience

Running one etsy business can be daunting, but two? or even three? Now your just asking for trouble amirite?

I have been running two Etsy businesses alongside a e-commerce store for over a year, and I wanted to share my experiences with you in this video.

Now running two businesses isn't for everyone, and ultimately I closed my second store 'BabyBluu' for the forseeable future, narrowing my focus on my main passion and my main store here at Katnipp Illustrations, although there where positives in running two businesses which I go will go through in this Video!

I hope this helps if your stuck and unsure of whether to open that second store!

Let me know what you think about running multiple stores in the comments! I would love to hear your opinions!





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Hello! Im Catherine, Illustrator, Designer & Animal Lover Here at Katnipp Illustrations! 

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