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Art Supply Haul! - Fred Aldous & Colours May Vary (2018)

Who doesn't love a art haul?! amiright or amirrrriiiiighhhhtttt

Last weekend I went on a fantastic trip to Leeds with some amazing girl bosses (Nutmegandarlo, rosebudcasson and little wing company!) We went to meet up with some more amazing creative entrepreneurs, and honestly? I had the BEST TIME EVER!

Never in my life did I actually think my dream would come true the way it has, I used to look up too these amazing creative entrepreneurs with so much admiration and as we were sat munching on cake and coffee, I had to pinch myself. I was actually sat amongst these amazing women that I had looked up to before starting my journey with Katnipp...it was a huge pinch me moment, I just couldn't believe it and i'm still so honoured and grateful to them and everyone of you guys who helped get me there!

Anyway I digress! These lovely ladies took us all over Leeds, searching for some amazing street art, food stalls, galleries and best of all....ART SUPPLY STORE HEAVEN.

I didn't plan on spending my money on art supplies, I thought we were just going to sit and have a good old natter, but when in rome and all that. As soon as I stepped foot into Fred Aldous, the first thing I could smell? PAPER *drools* I could feel my actual pupils dilate with delight, I.WAS.IN.HEAVEN. Now Im from a fairly small town, and I don't often have the opportunity to go to big art supply shops so when I do I basically just throw money at the cashier. TAKE ALL MY MONEY. But I was fairly good with my spending, and made sure I only bought what i reallllllllly realllllllllly needed (very very hard) and over on instagram you guys asked me to do a little Haul! So here it is! My art Supply & illustration Haul from Fred Aldous and Colours may vary!

I hope you enjoy watching (I literally could spend all day watching haul videos)

I will see you in the next one!






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