• Catherine Kay

How I became a Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Creative Business Lady

Hello Guys! And welcome back to another Vlog! Today's Video follows up to last weeks Q & A video. I thought I would share with you my creative journey so far, and how I recently became a self-employed freelancer and creative business lady which will hopefully inspire some of you guys to follow your creative dreams and passion, whether its opening your own etsy store or becoming freelance designer.

I feel like my creative career is just beginning and it will be interesting to see where I am a year or 5 years from now, and I will share my journey with you as a carve out my creative dream, hopefully inspiring you to chase yours too!

So I hope you enjoy this video, and I hope it gave you a little insight into my journey so far! Thanks for watching! See you in the next one! YOU DA BEST Catherine!

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