• Catherine Kay

Hello! - Made Local Month Day One!

Hello Friends! - So throughout this november I am going to be joining in on the #madelocalmonth challenge Over on instagram, and I thought, HEY! Why not share with you guys over on my Blog too?! So here I am! Day One: Hello! So I don't know if I have actually introduced myself properly! - I am Catherine (You probably know that part) And I began Katnipp Back in Late 2015/ Early 2016 - When I started this 'biz up all I knew is that I wanted to create & illustrate, so I began by selling Custom portraits and illustrations to friends and family on facebook, slowly and steadily katnipp has grown a small following (THANKS SO MUCH GUYS YOU DA BEST) and that landed me here today. I am a HUGE anime fan, and my teenage years where spent illustrating anime style characters & taking inspiration from my favourite shows like K-ON and Naruto. I also love reading, and my favourite books series of all time?? Harry Potter! (I've read these books over 5 times from start to finish....Yep....it's a problem) - I am also a Girl Gamer! I looooove playing on my PS4 my fave games at the moment are Final Fantasy XV and Tomb Raider! I also have a huge love for COOFFFFEEEE (TAKE ALL MY MONIEZ) Pastel colours, Cake, Garlic Sauce (the teesside kind, you just can't beat it) and everything hygge! So yeah! Thats pretty much me, I'm sure there is loads more I could tell you, but I don't want to bore you too much! Plus I want to keep these blogs nice and Short! Peace out homeslices I'll see you in the next one! Love, Catherine xxxx

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