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A 90's Kid Guide to Halloween - Bin Bags & Turnips

I hope you had the most amazing Hallowe'en - I love this time of year, the leaves turn amber, and the carved pumpkins come out, it really has that 'Hygge' Feel! - I can't help but notice how different halloween is now compared to when I was young, particularly the costumes! I was a 90's kid, and loved every moment! But my halloween consisted of: - carved TURNIPS (god knows how my mam carved these out, i've only realised now that im a adult how hard that must of been, they literally have the consistency of a rock! Hats off to you mam!) -Plastic hats with some sort of strange green wig attached to it. (...also very sparce, probably due to the fact they only cost a quid) - A Bamboo wooden twig type of broom, this was pretty cool, I loved mine and kept it for years, eventually the bamboo ended up splitting and it became a wand! - £1 cream halloween makeup with very little colour pigment (Or too much if it was the fake blood, that would never come off) - These push on, glow in the dark witch fingers, with red pointy nails - they also made your fingers sweat due to the plastic - I mean I didn't even know finger sweat was a thing, but it is! - And my grand finale, was a plastic garbage bag - yep a actual bin bag, my mum used to cut triangular shapes into the bottom for the skirt and a hole in the top for my head, effective and cheap (Also waterproof) So now when I see these amazing costumes I laugh at the flash back of me in my little bin bag and sweaty fingers, and you know what? I wouldn't change it for the world! Catherine xoxox

Designing some new business cards and decided to take it a little less serious than my last ones 🤣�
Good morning me lil chicken dippas😍🙌🏻🙏 doesn’t the sunshine make getting up that much easier 😍✨
This is a little reminder to myself_ Life is Peachy! 🍑 and this lil dude is cheering me up! _Today
Buttercup! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 - I kinda cant put my iPad down! This holiday has been such an amazing time

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