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Unicorn Madness!

Okay, so its probably not a secret that I loooove all things pastel & cute, but whilst i was doodling away in my little sketchbook I began to draw some cute little unicorns, and I thought; Why not turn them into a mug!?

I thought I would give you a little snapshot into my sketchbook and explain a little how my design was brought to life!

So here's a little sneak at how my design began! I know alot of you think im primarily a digital illustrator, but all my mugs and Katnipp Komics begin in my collection of sketchbooks and then edited in the adobe creative suite. I always have my go to Markers, (Pastels are heavily used as you might have guessed) and my Micron fineliners and my trusty uni-bond white gel pen (amazing)!

And Here in this little Gallery you can see my Final design! I changed my Unicorns hair to Purple (I just thought it sat better with the over all colour scheme) and added a option so you lovely lot could have this design personalised to make it extra special! You can find them over on my etsy store here: SHOP!

So there you have it, a little insight into my new little unicorn mug designs! I can't wait to show you all what else I have in store! Yayyy But for now, I think another mug of coffee is calling my name! Love Catherine


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