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Well... This is Exciting.

If you have Stumbled across this blogpost, Chances are I have just Launched My Site! This will be the First Blog of hopefully many more to come.

You'll see Crafting, Illustration & Photography Tips, Latest News, Products, Idea's I have most of all, just general Rambling & My Daily Doodles!

I look forward to connecting with you all! - I decided to switch my Website from a Online Store, To Blog as it allows me to Connect with you, my audience & Customers so much more personally!

So I hope to see you in the next one! In the Mean time be sure to see me over on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!

Love Catherine



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About Me

Hello! Im Catherine, Illustrator, Designer & Animal Lover Here at Katnipp Illustrations! 

I Love pastel colours, coffee (The stronger the better) Cakes & Making Cute stuff for you guys!