Frequently asked Questions!

What did you study? 

I studied Graphic Design and graduated with a BA Hons back in 2012 at Teesside University! 

Do I need a degree to be a freelance Illustrator? 

Although a Degree can help hone in your illustration skills and educate you, I do believe there is nothing more valuable than gaining experience through actual work, so interning,  and experimenting with your own style and doing your own research, you don't need a degree to do this. Although if you want to get into more commercial and editorial work, a degree could come in handy, but most important is your portfolio! So build up a lovely portfolio showing your style and your personal projects!

How did you find your style? 

By zoning in on the things that make me happy, illustration cute pastel happy stuff made me happy, so I decided to explore this route. Also experimentation, a-lot of experimentation, I believe my style is forever adapting and changing, even if its subtle as my skills and techniques change over time! 

What Sticker Paper do you use? 

I currently use a premium matte vinyl sticker paper for all my products, and I'm slowly phasing out my older sticker paper, this is always subject to change, Im always on the look out for better products! 

What Enamel Pin Manufacturer/ Washi Tape Manu Do you use? 

Now this is a tricky one, I used to freely disclose who made my pins & washi as I want to help you guys out as best I can! However over time I found I hated the feelings of guilt it caused if someone took on my recommendations and they had issues with the manufacturer and came to me for help, because investing money into manufacturing can be quite the big expense.


I would love to help each and everyone of you guys out, but unfortunately can't dedicate the time to become a middleman for you (as much as I would love to!) Instead I now recommend people start by looking on manufacturing sites like Alibaba to help source a manufacturer that suits them.


Please be aware that with sourcing any manu there will always be a slight risk you might have issues with batches of pins or washis not being quite right, it's up to you guys to communicate clearly with the manu to resolve any issues. 

Often manufacturers can reach out to you too! I have actually tried out manus who emailed me directly and I asked them for a quote in return, some have been fantastic and who I have kept using and others....well not so great! So do some research and remember with business these types of things can always be slightly risky, and most artists experiment and try out a variety until they find one that suits them! so good luck

What Printers do you use? 

- I use​ the Epson XP 345 Which I have converted into a Sublimation printer for all my bookmarks mousemats ect

- Epson ET-7700 For my stickers 

- Epson XP 960 For my Art Prints

What Art Print Paper Do you use? 

- I used to use the Epson Archival matte, but I've been currently using the Marrutts Archival Matte 230gsm 

What cameras do you use for Youtube? 

Canon g7x mark II For my studio vlogs & sometimes the Canon 700d with standard lens and Rode Video Mic Micro 

What are your favourite Procreate brushes? 

I love sketching with the 6b pencil and using the Monoline or Studio Pen for the lineart and Gouache or Studio pen for the colour! 



What Ipad case do you use?

I get this question alllll the time, I literally just typed in Ipad case with pencil holder on ebay heheh, and tonnes came up, but a lovely viewer actually pinpointed the exact make its: STM Atlas iPad Pro Case <3