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About Me


First and foremost, I would like to thank you personally for visiting my site...I am Catherine, the one-woman-band behind Katnipp Illustrations. 

What is Katnipp? - Well I am glad you asked my friend, it is my illustration business based in a little sea-side town, North-east of England. I sell a range of prints, pins & goodies, as well as take on client work, and working on my first Children's book for a small publisher up in scotland! 

I set up Katnipp at the end of 2015 during my full-time Graphic design job. I have always had a passion for illustration & design for as long as I can remember - I wanted to pursue this as a career but found jobs few-and-far between and when a job did come up, I found it was someone else's creative vision rather than my own. 

After a lot of research I decided to open a e-commerce store allowing me to have full control of the creativity reigns. Slowly but surely, I have created designs, from custom portraits, to hand-printed mugs (which I do myself in my little studio) - I can honestly say this is my passion, I am so thankful everyday that I get to create and illustrate cute things with some of my favorite 
colors & inspired by the things I love the most (Anime, coffee, books & animals)

Katnipp as a brand is getting bigger and bigger every month, and I have huge dreams and ambitions for the future

So follow me, subscribe to my newsletter, or come visit me over on social media to watch how me and Katnipp grow as a brand and business, creating a job that I could only of imagined in my wildest dreams - as Walt Disney once said:


'If you can dream it, you can do it...'




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